What it takes to race Red Bull Hardline - REAL LIFE CONTENT with Erik Irmisch

In 2018 Erik Irmisch (IRM), World Cup racer and YT test rider, got invited to compete at Hardline. There was no doubt he was going to give it 100%. IRM has competed in over 25 World Cups, proving he’s no stranger to a challenging track, race conditions or mental pressure. But experienced riders will tell you Hardline isn’t comparable to a World Cup. The event just lives up to its name.

“To me Hardline is the most mental thing I’ve ever done. It ́s something completely different compared to other downhill races. Its dificult to stay focused and cut out all the external factors trying to screw you up. Of course riding your bike down that hill is no easy task either!” - Erik Irmisch

This video provides you with a buddy prospective insight of what was going up and down for Erik on that super gnarly track on some hill in Wales.

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